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From Assessment to the Athletes' Inbox

Collect data for video and PDF evals with iPads and distribute effortlessly to hundreds of players in minutes

Check out our newest digital and PDF evals that we've done for some of our 2015 camp partners!

Diamond 9

Football Camp

Hockey School

Hockey Camp

Top 96
Baseball Camp

Baseball Camp

Below are more samples, by sport, of the various types of evals that our camp partners have generated.


Baseball Camps HITTING

Baseball Camps OUTFIELDING

Baseball Camps INFIELDING

Baseball Camps CATCHING

Baseball Youth
Summer Camps 2013 Camp


Premier Girls Fastpitch
Combine Report Early Thanksgiving Camp, Nov 2014

Triple Crown Fastpitch Softball
PDF Eval FroShow Camp, Nov 2014

Triple Crown Combine Report FroShow Camp, Nov 2014

NFCA Combine Report 2015 Heartland EXCELCamp

Aztec Softball Camps 2014 Camp

Aztec Softball Camps 2014 Camp

Girls Lacrosse




Voice Memo Eval

Ice Hockey

Janosz School of Goaltending 2013 Camp

Rocky Mountain Hockey Schools 2013 Camp

Minnesota Hockey Camp PDF Evaluation

Minnesota Hockey Camp Video Evaluation

Minnesota Hockey Camp Voicememo Evaluation


Santa Clara University Basketball Camp

Santa Clara University Basketball Camp

Santa Clara University Basketball Camp

How it Works

Step 1

Send us an Excel of your registered athletes.

Step 2

SportsBoard imports player groups into your database.

Step 3

Organize your athletes into teams or groups

Import Excel spreadsheet data from your registration system by team or group so that they show up in our App ready to go.

Step 4

Capture constructive feedback

While watching the athlete perform the drill, type text notes (shown) or capture voicememos.

Step 5

Video has never been so easy

Capture video with voice-over critiques as each player executes drills such as shooting, catching, throwing, goalkeeping, face-offs, hitting, etc.

Mobile Player Locker

Step 6

Whether it be constructive feedback for recruits or a momento for younger athletes, differentiate your camp from the rest with video or PDF evals within hours of the
last whistle.

Then distribute content to hundreds of athletes with just a few clicks using our Mobile Player Locker, our Online Player Locker, or our Email engine.

Online Player Locker

E-mail Engine


  • Enhance customer experience, increasing loyalty/repeat business and strengthening your brand
  • Provide tangible, objective assessment for high school athletes to forward to college coaches and middle school athletes to learn from
  • For elementary school athletes, video evals are "souvenirs" or keepsakes which are much more dimensional than ribbons or trophies
  • Increase camp revenues from evals


Grifiti's Nootle Tripod

Simplify Video Capture and Distribution