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In collegiate and professional field hockey, winning is everything. And it all starts with effective scouting and player assessment.

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Features of Field Hockey Scout
iPad Coaching and Scouting Software

Field Hockey Scout enables coaches to:

  • Rate players using pre-defined Field Hockey-specific metrics using a 1-5 or +/neutral/- rating system
  • Track players from prior research and easily identify them in the App via highlighted color
  • Support for entry of position groups, not just teams, which would be appropriate for coaches who want to use Field Hockey Scout for a specific targeted list of players that should be grouped by position
  • Add newly-discovered players to tracked players list
  • Customize fields for additional data
  • Entry of contact information for Player, Player's parent, Player's coach, Player's assistant coach, and Player's trainer, with ability for coach to email any contacts from within Field Hockey Scout
  • Type notes and record voicememos about teams and individual players
  • Combine photos and footage with data about players using the iPad2 camera
  • Sync scouting data to a secure server via a 3G or WiFi connection
  • Aggregate and organize the data on the server
  • Review and analyze data
  • Make better, data-driven decisions about opponents and individual players
  • Access to User Guide from within Field Hockey Scout
  • Ability to email West Shore Technologies with questions or feedback from within Field Hockey Scout

Benefits of Field Hockey Scout
iPad Coaching and Scouting Software

Field Hockey Scout helps coaches:

  • Digitize their data collection process
  • Save time in viewing and analyzing data
  • Save money by automating tedious data entry work
  • Improve accuracy of data by eliminating keystroke errors and illegible notes
  • Reduce travel expenses by prioritizing visits only to top prospects
  • View player media and data together, synthesizing faces with names


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Requirements: Compatible with iPad.
Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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