SportsBoard Lacrosse Scout: Men

In collegiate and professional lacrosse, winning is everything. And it all starts with effective scouting and player assessment.

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Features of Lacrosse Scout
iPad Coaching and Scouting Software

Lacrosse Scout enables coaches to:

  • Rate the players on metrics for Speed, Stick, Defensive Strength, Offensive Strength, Shooting, and Intangibles
  • Capture shooting tendencies on a Shot Chart and goalkeeping ability on a Goal Chart
  • Categorize players as Tracked (from prior research, highlighted in blue), Committed (news of committed to another school, highlighted in red) or Noticed (identified as a potential viable recruit from an event,highlighted in green) for further analysis
  • Record stats for offense, field play and goalkeeping
  • Document starters (or any players) on a field schematic
  • Customize fields for additional data
  • Type notes and record voicememos about teams and individual players
  • Combine photos and footage with data about players using the iPad2 camera Sync with SportsBoard Server before an event to download team/player profile data; sync again with the Server after an event to upload assessment for sharing with other coaches and running analytics
  • Make better, data-driven decisions about opponents and individual players

Benefits of Lacrosse Scout
iPad Coaching and Scouting Software

Lacrosse Scout helps coaches:

  • Digitize their data collection process
  • Save time in viewing and analyzing data
  • Save money by automating tedious data entry work
  • Improve accuracy of data by eliminating keystroke errors and illegible notes
  • Reduce travel expenses by prioritizing visits only to top prospects
  • View player media and data together, synthesizing faces with names


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Requirements: Compatible with iPad.
Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Customer Testimonials

"Lacrosse Scout enables us to highlight our short-listed prospects, players we're 'following' and hope to make decisions about in the future, and ignore the players already 'committed' to other schools, all of which save us loads of time compared to using spreadsheets, binders and whiteboards like we have in the past."

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Rick Sowell
Men's Lacrosse Head Coach
United States Naval Academy

"Inputting ratings and evaluations on a touch screen is much quicker than writing out evaluations on paper lists. The app is also customizable, which allows it to adapt to whatever system you may use."

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Todd Boward
Christopher Newport University
Mens Lacrosse Coach

"Sportsboard's technology will make my efforts to scout infinitely more definable and easy to use. My coaching staff and I can save valuable time not having to organize an endless stream of paper once we are finished with tryouts or scouts. The features on SportsBoard, both the categories included in the program, as well as the ability to name our own categories, will allow us to spend more time watching kids and teams and less time on minutiae. This time can now be spent where it should be: practicing efficiently and preparing our teams for opponents."

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Josh Frechette
Marin Academy Boys Lacrosse Coach
and Athletic Director

"Lax Scout will change the way coaches evaluate players and scout opponents. It's an easy-to-use and extremely powerful tool. From a coaching perspective, this will add value and simplify my evaluation process and allow me to easily pull up data on my opponents in an effort to prepare game plans. The ability to customize data fields make this a tool every lacrosse coach, from youth to college level, should be using."

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Greg Angilly
The Urban School Boys Lacrosse Coach and Athletic Director
Alcatraz Outlaws Lacrosse Club Director

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