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Redefining what you should expect from recruiting software.

Are you tired of spending days prepping for a tournament, highlighting the game schedule for games where players you need to see are going to play? Would you like to ditch the binder the tournament provides when you arrive? How about eliminating all of that data entry time into your recruiting database afterwards?

SportsBoard is your answer.

SportsBoard has achieved another industry first with its end-to-end recruiting solution, enabling you to plan for the tournament in minutes, recruiting 100% digitally while at the tourney, and then update your recruiting/compliance database in minutes. We've summarized the process in the list of easy steps below, leaving no stone un-turned, so you can know that we know what we're doing to meet your needs.

Step 1

Send us an Excel of your Watch List, the list of players you know you want to watch at the tourney.

Step 2

SportsBoard imports rosters, schedules and even field maps we get from tournaments into your database.

Step 3

After placing your Watch List into one or more pools, we run the Tournament Planner function and SportsBoard highlights in green the games on the schedule that you should watch in order to see your Watch List players.

Step 4

Now view the Games List and assign your coaches to various games so that you can cover the event efficiently.

Step 5

Download SportsBoard Chameleon (iPad) or SB Coach (iPhone) from iTunes and then sync the App with your account. After the sync completes, you will see games highlighted in green.

Step 6

Use the filters in either App to display exactly what you want to see.

Step 7

Select the game you are going to watch and then do any of the following.

Scribble or type notes on players

Record voicememos or take photos/video

Capture tendencies using our shot and goal charts for basketball, soccer, ice hockey and lacrosse or our pitch and spray charts for baseball and softball

Pool players using our color-coded pooling feature

Rate skills using our data model or your own custom data model using a 1-5, +/neutral/-, 1-5 by .5s, or 1-10 rating system

Flag potential recruits as noticed (green) or tracked (blue) and view players who are already committed (red) so you don't waste time watching them