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Revolutionary In-Season Capabilities

Manage your games, practices, and scouting quickly and accurately

Take advantage of our newest version, which enables you to customize stats for player efficiency ratings reporting or feed your video analysis software with whatever stats you wish to tag.

Assess your team's and each player's performance

Stat your practices and games live, tallying data by player, then generate Player Efficiency Ratings reports.

View tagged video within minutes of the end of a practice or game

Generate XML exports which you can import into SportsCode/GameBreaker for further analysis.

Scout Opposing Teams

Use SportsBoard Apps instead of paper to capture textnotes or voicememos about opposing team play or specific players and distribute scouting reports to coaching staff and players.

Help your players develop into better players

Use SportsBoard's sport-specific, customizable data model to evaluate players any time during or after the season.


  • Stat practices and/or games and generate player efficiency ratings reports within minutes
  • Live-Stat practices or games and tag your video within minutes

  • Scout opponents and quickly distribute scouting data to coaches and players
  • Evaluate your own players more often with better data to improve their performance