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Revolutionary Season Capabilities

Collect and distribute feedback to your team unlike ever before

Step 1

Customize your own stat data model so you can tally those stats for each player during practices or games.

Step 2

Sync your SportsBoard Chameleon app to your cloud account to pull down the stat model to your iPad(s).

Step 3

Tally stats by player in Chameleon for any practice or game.

Step 4

View totals during the practice or game inside Chameleon by hitting this " " button.

Step 5

When the practice or game is over, sync the data from your iPad(s) back to your cloud account and then generate a player efficiency ratings (PER) report within minutes.

Mobile Player Locker

Step 6

Distribute the PER report to players to your team with just a few clicks using our Mobile Player Locker, our Online Player Locker, or our Email engine.

Online Player Locker

E-mail Engine


  • Stat practices and/or games and generate player efficiency ratings reports within minutes
  • Live-Stat practices or games and tag your video within minutes

  • Scout opponents and quickly distribute scouting data to coaches and players
  • Evaluate your own players more often with better data to improve their performance